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The journey from molecule to approved biologic is long, costly, complex, and risky – yet carries immense potential.

At Merck, we seek to understand the goals you have for your drug and then provide the solutions that will help you overcome your development and manufacturing challenges. With the right products, services, and guidance we can help you improve process economics, accelerate time to market and mitigate production risks.

Whether you are manufacturing the therapies of today or the cures of tomorrow, we look forward to putting our 350 years of expertise to work for you.

Biotech Resource Hub

Biotech Resource Hub Our products and services meet the development and bioprocessing needs of biotech start-ups to advance their biotherapeutics with solutions from lab to pilot to production scale.


Vaccines Vaccine manufacturing can have tremendous challenges. Our process development engineers, regulatory experts and broad portfolio of products and services can help you optimize your vaccine manufacturing from early phase development to large scale production.

Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cell Therapy Manufacturing As a trusted expert in the biopharmaceutical industry, we provide optimized cell therapy manufacturing platforms, media and reagents, characterization tools, process development services, and testing – all required to tackle the bottlenecks of cell therapy commercialization.

Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

Monoclonal Antibodies Templated approaches requiring robust, scalable solutions are currently used to manufacture mAb therapeutics for all steps in the process from cell line development to final fill. Increased cell culture titer and density, along with high therapeutic concentration at formulation, are required to advance mAb manufacturing.


Plasma Consistent, reliable performance is key to plasma fractionation. Explore expertise and insights to help you improve yield while maintaining process economics and managing ever-increasing regulatory requirements for plasma fractionation.

Upstream Ecosystem

Upstream Ecosystem Cell line and media platforms, cell line development, cell line and product characterization services, single-use bioreactors and mixers, process development services, and next generation processing programs all make up our upstream ecosystem. Our experts will save you time, optimize performance and improve feasibility and sustainability while laying the groundwork for downstream success.

Viral Safety Assurance

Viral Safety Assurance While viral safety is a critical aspect of biopharmaceutical production, there is no single viral safety solution that works for every process. You can, however, rely on the well-established principles of “prevent, detect and remove” to define your strategy to ensure drug safety for patients.

M Lab™ Collaboration Centers

M Lab™ Collaboration Centers M Lab™ Collaboration Centers provide a global network of vibrant non-GMP labs for biotechnology industry professionals to explore ideas, learn innovative techniques and work side by side with experts to solve critical challenges in bioprocessing.

BioContinuum™ Platform

BioContinuum™ Platform The BioContinuum™ Platform is a convergent offering of advanced bioprocessing, software, automation and analytic technologies to achieve greater speed, flexibility and quality empowering biopharmaceutical manufacturers to confidently enter the era of next generation processing and Bioprocess 4.0.

The Emprove® Program

The Emprove® Program Our products are supported by the Emprove® Program - your fast track through regulatory challenges. Complementing our product portfolio, the Emprove® Program provides three types of dossiers to support different stages of development and manufacturing operations such as qualification, risk assessment and process optimization.