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Your research demands antibodies that reliably perform in your application and are backed by people who understand science. At Merck, we strive to offer a wide variety of antibodies that are specific, reproducible, and proven to perform in a wide range of applications.

Our continuously expanding offering of antibodies ensures that you can find the best performing and most relevant antibodies against both established and novel targets. Our scientists scour the literature and attend numerous scientific conferences to ensure that you can look to us for the best and most relevant antibodies available.

We are proud to offer researchers over 10,000 quality monoclonal, polyclonal and recombinant antibodies backed by our 100% Anti-Fail satisfaction guarantee. With the expertise of Upstate® and Chemicon®, Merck confidently provides validated antibodies with breadth and depth in major research areas:


Monitor epigenetic changes such as Histone modification, DNA methylation or chromatin & nucleosome remodeling.


Explore the development, differentiation & degeneration stages with antibodies & assays for multiple cell, tissue and organ types.

Cell Signaling

Decipher the complexity of extracellular, cytoplasmic or nuclear signals with antibodies, immunoassays & single cell analysis.
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Investigate the relationships between cancer, apoptosis, autophagy, angiogenesis, metastasis and cell invasion.

Cell Structure

Link the structural features to mechanistic functions of a cell leveraging unique cell adhesion, cytoskeleton & ECM assays.

Stem Cell Research

We offer stem cell conjugates for some of the most popular stem cell markers.
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At Merck, we are scientists too. We attend conferences to stay current with the latest research and to make sure you have antibodies to the targets most relevant to your research. Meet us at your favorite conference – we want to hear about your research trials and tribulations, and we want to know what targets matter to you!

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Whether you need larger, bulk quantities of a specific research reagent, customized products with tailored quality control, or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services, you can depend on us.

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