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Eshmuno® Q Resin


The Strong Anion Exchanger

For Purification of Biomolecules and Plasma Derived Products

Eshmuno® Q resin, a strong anion exchanger, offers outstanding results in typical anion exchange applications, such as removing impurities in flow-through mode or separating blood factors in plasma processing.

Like all other Eshmuno® IEX family members, Eshmuno® Q resin combines a tentacle structure with an innovative hydrophilic polyvinyl ether base matrix for more effective binding of the target substances.

Eshmuno® Q resin provides:
  • Superior productivity for biomolecule purification
  • Enhanced chemical stability
  • Considerable savings in cost and development time

Superior productivity for biomolecule purification

Based on an 85µm diameter base bead, Eshmuno® Q resin exhibits a superior binding capacity combined with an excellent pressure flow behaviour, resulting in outstanding productivity.

Dynamic binding capacities (DBC) measured at 10% breakthrough.
Dynamic binding capacities (DBC) measured at 10% breakthrough.
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Enhanced stability during storage

Unlike conventional anion exchange resins, Eshmuno® Q resin is intrinsically stable against alkaline solutions used in column sanitization. Measurements show that Eshmuno® Q resin retains its high binding capacity during storage in 1 M sodium hydroxide solution, as compared to considerable reductions experienced by other anion exchange resins.

Savings in costs and time

Eshmuno® Q resin shows remarkably sharp elution of the target molecule in a wide range of applications compared to other anion exchangers. Higher concentrations of target molecules with significantly reduced elution volumes render further concentration steps unnecessary. This reduces buffer solution costs and consumables, and reduces valuable operation time.

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Part of the BioContinuum Platform

Part of the BioContinuum™ Platform

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Intensified Polishing with SPTFF and Eshmuno® Q

Intensified Polishing with SPTFF and Eshmuno® Q

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