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Mass Spectrometry - 100 Years of Expertise

Mass Spectrometry
100 Years of Expertise

Solutions for Mass Spectrometry
One Century of Expertise in One Compendium

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Since the development of an aluminum oxide for adsorption chromatography in 1904, Merck has offered chromatography products and solutions of exceptional, application-oriented quality. Our columns, plates and mobile phases are used in mass spectrometry labs throughout the world. Now, we’ve condensed over a century of expertise into one compendium. “Solutions for Mass Spectrometry” is packed with essential information on this analytical field.

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Solutions for Mass Spectrometry

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Mass Spectrometry: Full of Possibilities

Mass spectrometry (MS) is a well-established detection method that can be coupled to various techniques, such as liquid chromatography (LC), thin layer chromatography (TLC), gas chromatography(GC), or inductively coupled plasma (ICP). Of these, the combination with liquid chromatography, LC-MS, is the most prevalent method, and usually the most sensitive. Many sophisticated, affordable systems are available for various applications, including quantification and qualification analyses.

Tips and Tricks for Mass Spectrometry

The choice of an MS setup, including the detector and source type, depends on the application, and the properties of the sample. Hence, MS technologies can differ from lab to lab. However, there are various typical problems that can be easily avoided regardless of LC-MS technique.

Want to Know More?

The compendium includes full details of the tips and tricks above, as well as an overview of various current topics, application examples, suitable products, and more:
Mass Spectrometry - 100 Years of Expertise
  • Solvent purity and MS sensitivity
  • Dirty sample analysis
  • Column robustness and lifetime
  • Sensitivity and column selection
  • Speed and sensitivity in GC-MS
  • Bioanalysis and MS