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CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform. Leading Biologists Take Control with CellASIC Technology.

CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform
Leading Biologists Take Control with CellASIC Technology

Listen to Ethan Garner, Assistant Professor at Harvard University, describe how the CellASIC ONIX platform has helped his team hit the ground running:

You can go from showing someone how to use this unit to, 15 minutes later, doing experiments.

Ethan Garner’s team watches single molecules that direct bacteria to grow and divide. Ethan describes how the CellASIC platform has enabled him to perform an experiment that was previously impossible:

What the CellASIC system lets us do is very rapidly turn on and off conditions or insults while following single cells.

Because they can now perform dynamic, single cell analysis, the team has been able to make surprising observations that could not have been revealed by studying bulk populations of cells.

We were able to get some pretty interesting and exciting results by using the CellASIC ONIX system, reports Michael Springer, Assistant Professor of Systems Biology, regarding his experiences with the technology.

Michael Springer’s lab studies how cells compute decisions based on their environment. By using the CellASIC® ONIX platform, they were able to conduct cell analyses which would have been extremely difficult otherwise: determining changes in gene expression on a single cell basis in response to heat shock and in response to switching between different medium conditions.

The CellASIC ONIX microfluidic platform makes it easy to program automated changes to culture media, gas and temperature, while tracking cell responses. By taking control of this truly in vivo-like environment, you’ll be able to perform dynamic, time-lapse experiments never before possible.

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