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Supply Chain Resilience
Proud to be named Collaborator of the Year

"This award is the result of close collaboration with our customers to identify and dramatically reduce joint risk throughout our collective supply chains. Increasing the resilience of our supply chain is essential to our success, and we are very grateful for the recognition of our efforts in this area."

Chris Ross, Head of Operations,

About the Award
"The Collaborator of the Year is proactive, responsive, transparent, willing to share appropriate information, and committed to working with customers to achieve multi-enterprise supply chain performance excellence."

Resilinc, Principal GSCRC sponsor
Our supply chain is an integral part of our business. We understand the importance of maintaining a strong and efficient global supply chain, and we’re working closely with customers to anticipate potential disruptions and increase our reliability and responsiveness at every stage.

We’re proud to be the recent recipient of an award that recognizes this effort. The newly formed Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council (GSCRC) has named us Resilient Supply Chain Collaborator of the Year for our effective collaboration with customers to achieve improved risk transparency throughout our supply chain.

We’re especially honored to have been nominated for this award by Amgen, a leading global biotechnology company and a key Merck customer, which recognized us for our work related to supply chain risk management.

We accepted the award on February 25 at GSCRC’s first annual event and awards ceremony in Santa Clara, California, which honored five organizations for supply chain resilience and risk management excellence. (Other award winners include Bose Corporation, Western Digital, the University of Maryland and Linear Technology.)

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