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Bacteriology: Swift, Specific and Sensitive


Bacteriological investigations are essential in clinical diagnostics and industrial quality control. In this method of microscopy, microorganisms are stained with suitable methods (e.g. Gram stain) in order to determine the diagnostic classification of bacteria or to detect acid-fast bacteria.

We offer a broad selection of innovative bacteriological products to help you achieve swift, specific and sensitive staining results. Our ready-to-use solutions are based on classical and modified protocols, and can be used for manual or automated staining methods. Hence, you enjoy greater flexibility in your investigations. Thanks to their long shelf lives, economical use and easy handling, they also save you time and effort. All of our bacteriological staining solutions and kits can be used in diagnostics, as they are IVD products and CE certified.

Features and Benefits

  • Swift, specific and sensitive staining results
  • Flexible choice of methods and protocols
  • Long shelf life at room temperature 
  • Ready-to-use kits and economical use save time and money
  • Phenol-free alternatives to classical staining methods
  • Easy handling reduces effort and increases efficiency
  • All solutions and kits are CE certified IVD products


Product Range

  • Manual and automated staining methods
  • Ready-to-use staining solutions and kits in economic package sizes
  • Based on classical and modified protocols

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