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Universal Reagents: For Every Step in Diagnostics

Microscopy is used in clinical diagnostics and industrial quality control to diagnose and analyze numerous types of samples. In preparation for investigation on a glass slide, each specimen undergoes a multi-step process that involves the use of various reagents.

For every stage and every reagent – Merck offers brilliant, ready-to-use staining solutions and staining kits, but also a complete portfolio of high-quality fixing reagents, solvents, xylene-substituting reagents, decalcifiers, alcohols and dyes, as well as embedding, mounting and immersion media. As with all of our microscopy products, our universal reagents are CE -certified. IVD registered and boast excellent batch-to-batch consistency. Hence, they are safe to use and deliver extremely reproducible results – essential preconditions for a reliable clinical diagnosics laboratory.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality products for reliable, brilliant staining results with long term stability
  • Extensive product range for all stages of microscopic investigations
  • All products are IVDs and CE certified
  • Suitable for clinical diagnostics and quality control
  • Long shelf life up to 3 years
  • Support laboratory accreditations and certifications

Product Range

A complete portfolio of reagents, solvents, decalcifiers, alcohols, as well as media for fixing, embedding, mounting and immersion.

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Microscopy Learning Center

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