Smooth Transition From Analytical To Semi-Prep HPLC of Polar Hydrophilic Compounds

SeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC semi-preparative columnSeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC columns are also available in semi-preparative dimensions for optimal HPLC separations of polar hydrophilic compounds. These high-performance columns enable easy, fully scalable transition from analytical to semi-preparative applications. As with all SeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC columns, they offer excellent selectivity and robust performance. Semi-preparative columns are offered with 5 µm particles, and in sizes up to one inch.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized for HPLC of polar hydrophilic compounds 
  • Fully scalable transition from analytical to semi-preparative
  • Excellent selectivity and robust performance
  • Available in sizes up to one inch
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