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Filters for Medical Applications

Merck has the expertise of manufacturing FDA approved / CE marked sterile filters for medical applications like direct patient care and I.V. administration. With various combinations of housing material, membranes and inlet-outlet connections along with options including vent to prevent airlock, Merck is the brand of choice for hospitals, pharmacies, compounding companies and drug manufacturers.

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/cell-culture-images/millex_w_needle.jpgFind a validated Millex® filter for medical application in your geography:

Gas filtration with hydrophobic membrane Filters

Millex® filter units with hydrophobic Fluoropore™ membrane are ideal for sterilizing gases, venting sterile containers, and sterilizing or clarifying organic solutions. Specialized filter units protect hemodialysis transducers from blood and moisture. 50 mm Millex® filter units are also used for vacuum line protection. All units are bi-directional

Housing Material Polypropylene
Membrane Material Hydrophobic PTFE
Membrane diameter 25 and 50 mm
Maximum Inlet Pressure, bar (psi) 4.1 (60)
 Maximum Operating Temperature, °C 121

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In-line Protective Filter for Pressure Monitors in Hemodialysis Systems

The Transducer Protector, Dualex™ filters consisting of super hydrophobic Durapel™ (PVDF) membrane, protects patients from bacteriological and particulate cross-contamination. It also prevents blood and dialyzing fluids from damaging sensitive transducer monitoring devices.

Housing Material PVC Housing
Membrane Material Super hydrophobic Durapel™ (PVDF)
Membrane diameter 25 mm
Maximum Inlet Pressure at 25°C, psi 25
Maximum Operating Temperature, °C 45

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