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Stericap™ PLUS Vacuum Driven Sterile Filters

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Stericap™ vacuum driven filter cap.

Vacuum Driven Sterile Filters

Stericap™ PLUS filters directly into any vacuum-rated bottle or other container with an inner neck diameter of 20 to 67 mm.

  • Vacuum driven, bottle cap filter for 2 to 10 L volumes
  • Fast sterilization of large volumes of tissue culture media, serum, buffers or other biological solutions
  • Non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic devices

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Stericap™ Vacuum Driven Filter Specifications

Housing Styrene/Polypropylene/Polyethylene
Membrane (Express® PLUS) Polyethersulfone
Pore Size (µm) 0.22

Inlet Connection Hose barb
Outlet Connection Universal bottletop
Vent Needle valve with female Luer-Lok
Vacuum Port Hose barb
Filtration Area, cm² 40
Maximum Operating Vacuum 635 mm Hg (25" Hg)
Sterilization Gamma irradiation