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NEW Stericup® Quick Release Filtration System
Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/cell-culture-images/Stericup_500mL_merged_CMYK_0724.jpgRefined with you in mind
Work with ease. Filter with confidence.

Stericup® Quick Release filtration systems streamline your workflow with ergonomic design updates and safeguard your results with the proven performance of Millipore membranes.

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Prepare cell culture media with Merck’s sterile filters.With industry leading innovative designs for filtration devices and over 50 years of membrane technology expertise, Merck offers a wide range of solutions to make the repetitive and critical tasks accurate, quick and easy.

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Faster filtration, less clogging: watch the Stericup® Filter Race video:

The Stericup Filter Race Video
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Stem Cell Tested

Maintaining your stem cells is challenging enough – why make it harder by worrying about whether your tools will harm your cells?

With Merck’s Stem Cell Tested products, you won’t have to!

Merck has initiated a rigorous testing program to ensure that our sterile filtration and cell culture devices can be used safely for stem cell culture. Our testing covers multiple criteria for pluripotency and non-interference for the assurance you need.