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Sterivex™ Pressure Driven Sterile Filter Units

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Sterivex™ pressure driven filter units.

Pressure Driven Sterile Filter Units

Sterivex™ filter units work with syringes, peristaltic pumps or pressure vessels, eliminating the risk of contamination associated with decanting or pipetting.

  • Sterivex™ pressure-driven filters for 100 mL to 2 L
  • Filter directly into virtually any storage container
  • Available with a selection of high performance membranes
Sterivex™ units are designed to dispense into any storage container.

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  • Sterivex™ Filter Units
    Available with Millipore 0.22 µm Express® (PES), 0.22 µm Durapore (PVDF) or 0.45 µm Durapore® (PVDF) membranes.